National Agromyzidae Recording Scheme

The National Agromyzidae Recording Scheme (launched in November 2016) covers the 425 species in the dipterous family Agromyzidae that are currently recorded in Great Britain & Ireland.

The key aims of the recording scheme are;

  • to collate historical and current datasets
  • to verify all records wherever possible
  • to encourage interest in, and the recording of, Agromyzidae
  • to offer help and support to recorders
  • to provide a free, accurate, up to date online resource which is maintained in ‘real time’

How to use this site

This website is part of the National Agromyzidae Recording Scheme (UK) and is designed to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in Agromyzidae, in terms of identifying larval mines and/or adult material.

The site consists of seven sections;

Feeding habits : A brief introduction to the feeding habits of Agromyzidae. A superb detailed article by Graham E. Rotheray on agromyzid larval morphology is also included. The different larval feeding methods are illustrated via the drop-down menus.

Host plants : This section provides a provisional checklist of all known host plant genera for British & Irish Agromyzidae species. For each genus of host plant, all known associated Agromyzidae species are listed.

Checklist : An up to date checklist of all species currently known from Great Britain & Ireland. Clicking on a species name will take you to that species page where you can find;


  • a description of the larval mine [if known], the host plant genus/genera [if known], any confusion species [larval], a larval recording grade, the species national status and a description [if known] of the puparium and adult.
  • a distribution map based on records held by the National Agromyzidae Recording Scheme. Each vice county where a species has been recorded is marked in grey. The map features a zoom in/out option.


  • images relating to the species larval mine, puparium, imago and genitalia can be found here.


  • a larval and adult phenology chart which is based on the records held by the National Agromyzidae Recording Scheme.

Resources : This section contains information on recording Agromyzidae, a record submission form, a map and list of British vice counties, provisional dichotomous keys to adult Agromyzidae, scheme newsletters, a gallery of male genitalia illustrations, the latest provisional status review, acknowledgments and links to other resources and a glossary.

Parasitoids : An excellent article by Agromyzidae parasitoid expert Professor Sir Charles Godfray. Their biology and taxonomy is discussed and illustrated, along with details on how to record parasitoids.

News : You can find all news pieces posted by the scheme here.

Contact : If you would like to get in touch, just enter your name, email, subject and message and your query will be sent to the scheme organiser who will be more than happy to help.

Permission must be sought from the site author to use any information and/or images/illustrations, from within this site, elsewhere. If permission is granted, it must be correctly cited.