Galiomyza genus now treated as a junior synonym of Liriomyza

Owing to the taxonomic work of Owen Lonsdale*, the genus Galiomyza is treated as a junior synonym of Liriomyza. Although this treatment was published in 2017, the British checklist was not updated due to one worker not agreeing with the synonymy, however, this is no longer the case and the checklist will be updated in the next edition of the Dipterists Digest.

The British species this affects are;

Liriomyza morio (Brischke, 1881) – formerly Galiomyza
Liriomyza violiphaga (Hendel, 1922) – formerly Galiomyza

The UKSI will be updated once the change to the British checklist has been published. The schemes website has been updated with immediate effect.

*Lonsdale, O. 2017: The Liriomyza (Diptera: Schizophora: Agromyzidae) of Canada & Alaska – Zootaxa, St. Lukes, Auckland, New Zealand 4234(1): 1-156