Notable records of nine Agromyzidae species are reported from England

A recent publication* discusses nine species of Agromyzidae collected during 2021/2022 which are considered rare or previously extinct in Great Britain.

The species discussed are Melanagromyza astragali Spencer, 1976, Melanagromyza sativae  Spencer, 1957, Cerodontha (Butomyza) staryi (Starý, 1930), Cerodontha (Cerodontha) phragmitophila Hering, 1935, Cerodontha (Poemyza) pygmella (Hendel, 1931), Cerodontha (Xenophytomyza) vinokurovi Zlobin, 1994, Metopomyza nigriorbita (Hendel, 1931), Phytoliriomyza venustula Spencer, 1976 and Phytomyza rostrata Hering, 1934.

Cerodontha (Cerodontha) phragmitophila was previously considered extinct in Great Britain, whilst the record of Phytoliriomyza venustula is the first confirmed British record.

Details are given for all nine species, along with their current status in the British Isles.

*Warrington, B. P. and Perry, I. 2023. Notable records of Agromyzidae (Diptera) from England. Diperists Digest (Second Series) 30 (2): 140-144.
19 November 2023